Web Designer. Web Developer. Creative Director.

Hi, I'm Adam Hodson.

I'm a professional web designer and web developer currently living in South Florida. I own and operate Bricks & Mortar Creative, a web agency specializing in custom e-commerce websites and web applications.

A Bit About Me

I'm a web designer and web developer that comes from a background in Internet marketing and SEO. I began my career working in-house at e-commerce companies, both large and small, first as an Internet marketer, progressing eventually to creative director.

My Agency Work.

In late 2011 I began working with clients in a more traditional agency relationship. Since starting my first creative web agency, Bricks & Mortar Creative, I have worked with numerous clients ranging in size from startups to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

Working with a wider variety of clients on various creative and challenging pursuits has allowed me to further refine my skillset, while broadening my range of capabilities in both web design and web development.

More About
Web design
Web Development
Creative Direction
Internet Marketing

Areas of Expertise

Web Design

Creating clean, attractive user experiences and implementing with standards based code.

Web Development

Introducing backend functionality to websites using PHP, NodeJS, React and more.

User Experience

Creating a user experience that drives your users where you'd like them to go.

Creative Direction

Lead teams of designers and developers through a project lifecycle.

E-Commerce Consulting

Working with clients to grow their businesses online through e-commerce strategies and tactics.

SEO Consulting

Working with in-house SEO teams to educate them on the best practices for SEO.

Looking For More?

Take a look at my portfolio for my of my web design, web development and user experience work.

My Process


Languages & Frameworks

I have worked extensively in the following languages and frameworks.


The basis of all websites and web applications, HTML makes up the basic markup of a website.


CSS and it's preprocessors like Sass are what give a website it's look and feel.


Javascript is used for basic functionalities on frontend websites as well as web applications.


A powerful and popular Javascript library for frontend development.

Skrollr, Waypoints, & Other Javascript Libraries

Skrollr, Waypoints, Velocity and many more popular Javascript libraries.


PHP & MySQL are the backbone of many popular web applications and CMS.

React Native

A popular iPhone app development language created by the developers at Facebook.

Node JS

A powerful backend development language built in Javascript

Magento Web Development

Website development for the e-commerce platform Magento

Wordpress Web Development

Website development for the informational content management system Wordpress.

Shopify Web Development

E-commerce website development for the Shopify content management system.

SEO Consulting

I have more than 8 years experience in both on page and off page SEO.

I'm available to discuss both long-term and short-term e-commerce consulting, seo consulting, web design and web development projects.

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