Areas Of Expertise

My Areas of Expertise

I have become proficient in the following areas over my career in web development, Internet technologies and Internet marketing.

Website Design

This includes conceptualizing a design, creating a cohesive and clean user experience, and implementing clean responsive code

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Website Development

I've worked with various technologies including PHP, Javascript, Node JS, React Native and more to build web applications, iPhone apps, website functionality and more.

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Creative Direction

I have worked on a large number of Wordpress websites and Wordpress projects delivering a variety of custom functionalities as well as custom themes and layouts.

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Magento Development

I have worked on a large number of Magento websites and Magento extensions creating custom functionality, leading large scale Magento projects, and publishing Magento extensions on Magento connect.

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E-Commerce Consulting

I've worked with various companies helping with various aspects of their e-commerce businesses including website technologies, website functionality, marketing strategy and more.

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SEO Coaching

I work directly with your in-house team to educate them on the latest in SEO best practices as well as proper content creation and implementation.

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Languages & Frameworks

I have worked extensively in the following languages and frameworks.


The basis of all websites and web applications, HTML makes up the basic markup of a website.


CSS and it's preprocessors like Sass are what give a website it's look and feel.


Javascript is used for basic functionalities on frontend websites as well as web applications.


A powerful and popular Javascript library for frontend development.

Skrollr, Waypoints, & Other Javascript Libraries

Skrollr, Waypoints, Velocity and many more popular Javascript libraries.


PHP & MySQL are the backbone of many popular web applications and CMS.

React Native

A popular iPhone app development language created by the developers at Facebook.

Node JS

A powerful backend development language built in Javascript

Magento Web Development

Website development for the e-commerce platform Magento

Wordpress Web Development

Website development for the informational content management system Wordpress.

Shopify Web Development

E-commerce website development for the Shopify content management system.

SEO Consulting

I have more than 8 years experience in both on page and off page SEO.

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