Creative Direction

When it comes to web design and web development project direction, I play point guard very well.

I have lead the creative direction, from conceptualization all the way through delivery, of a number of website, web application, and branding projects for clients around the world including Perry Ellis International, WeWOOD Watches, DSLRPros and many more.

Design Direction

I have worked in design direction in a variety of capacities whether it's leading a team of designers on a single project, or handling all aspects of a brands design personally.

Parallel Productivity

I have worked in parallel to a number of other teams, whether it be photo and video teams, graphic design teams or development teams, to deliver on a single project

My Views On Creative Direction

Whether working with a small team or a large team, I feel that there is only one way to treat your team members - as highly valued members helping you to achieve a shared goal. As a result, I like to encourage and direct my team members, not command and demand. I find that team members who feel valued not only produce better work, but are more likely to go above and beyond in the delivery of their work as they take a personal pride in it.

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