Web Design

I have been actively involved in website design for more than 10 years.

I have worked with companies representing just about every possible industry and vertical to create a stunning web presence for their organization. I work with a variety of frontend languages, frameworks and CMS when creating a website.

Wireframing Process

I begin all web design projects as wireframes in Photoshop. By first creating mockups of the website, I not only create a blueprint for myself, but give you approval of the user experience before writing any code.

Content Management Systems

I typically work with the Wordpress, Magento and Shopify content management systems, depending on the client's needs for functionality and content management.

Frontend Development

I use a combination of html5, css/sass, Javascript, jquery and various Javascript libraries when creating a website's frontend user experience.

Website Audit & Optimizations

Page speed enhancements, image optimization, code optimization, code compression and minification, on page optimization and more

My Views On Web Design

Web design, in my opinion, is one of those things something that is not all too hard to do, but is very difficult to do well. I believe in a foundation of clean design, balance, consistent fonts and colors, and most importantly creativity in every project I work on, whether it's a small informational website, or a large scale e-commerce store. I subscribe to a number of design blogs and regularly browse the work of the top design firms to stay abreast of the latest trends in website design as well as to gather inspiration for my own projects.

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