WordPress Consulting

I have worked with the Wordpress CMS platform as a designer and developer for more than 6 years.

I began working with Wordpress in early 2010 utilizing it as my content management system of choice. Over the past 6 years, I have been continuously developing new themes and plugins, learning about the Wordpress platform, and mastering it's intricacies. As a Wordpress consultant, I work with you or your company to achieve top website performance, implement best practices, remove unnecessary code, and anything else that may improve your website and web presence overall.

Responsive Design Improvements

One of the first things I check in any engagement is website responsiveness. Many Wordpress websites are not built to be responsive for varying screen sizes, mobile or desktop.

Page Speed Enhancements

Many Wordpress websites require basic page speed enhancements like merging CSS and JS files, deferring Javascript, image optimization and enabling Gzip.

On Page Optimization

Every Wordpress consulting engagement includes full on page optimization to ensure best SEO performance.

Code Clean Up

Many times, Wordpress websites utilize an excessive amount of plugins and as a result will have a bloated code base which causes major performance issues.

My Views On Wordpress Consulting

Each Wordpress website is unique in it's own way, so each Wordpress consulting engagement will be as well. I start by speaking with the client or clients about what problem's they are currently facing, where they would like to see the most improvement, what competition is out there, what their goals are and any other applicable information to the project at large. We then develop a strategic timeline that includes an audit, implementation of changes, performance enhancements, optimization enhancements and anything else that may make your website perform better.

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